Jalapeno Black Reviews Office Space (1999)

If you’re looking for a movie that shows what it’s like to work a crummy 9-to-5 job, look no further. Office Space shows how bleak working at an office is while featuring humorous characters that are drained by the office. This movie is iconic as it has memorable characters as well as memorable quotes. You probably have seen the meme of Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh numerous times. Let’s not forget how great Lawrence (Diedrich Bader) and Milton (Stephen Root) are as well.

Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) is a good man who hates his job. He does the same routine every day working on reports for the company. He’s trapped inside of his office cubicle suffering from boredom. After a trip to a hypnotherapist, Peter awakens suddenly not giving a fuck about his job. He starts to do nothing at all at his job. Peter, along with a couple of fellow employees, decide to embezzle the company so they don’t have to work ever again. When they’re on the verge of getting caught, a disgruntled employee burns the office down not leaving a trace of anything.

Mundane jobs can break people down. That’s what I learned from this movie. Milton got ignored to the point that he was the employee that burned the building down. Peter had let the work take over his life. I learned that it’s best to work a job that you can tolerate or makes you somewhat happy.

Gaming YouTube

My First YouTube Gaming Video

Now that I have internet, I can upload gaming clips. I don’t know if my connection is fast enough for broadcasting/streaming yet. I know that gamers on PS4 can record clips up to 15 minutes. My first clip was over a minute.

I had to figure out how to share my clip from the PS4 capture gallery. That’s where my console saves them. The video was just me destroying Kollector with Johnny Cage on Mortal Kombat 11. Nothing special about it. Just figuring out the kinks. I honestly don’t know what to do next for MK11. Gamers have already shared plenty from the game. I need ideas.


Jalapeno Black Reviews Child’s Play (2019)

Child’s Play. Chucky the doll. Why are people frightened by this doll? I would just punt him across the room. No need to be afraid of him.

The new movie changes the origin of the evil doll. In the past movies, Chucky was possessed by the soul of a killer. In this remake, Chucky is a robot, called Buddi, that is created to help families as well as be a friend to their kids. The dolls are programmed in a Vietnam plant. Workers program the dolls to be nice as well as an observant servant. Well, one worker loses his cool then decides to say fuck programming the current doll he’s working on. The doll, of course, becomes evil Chucky.

Aubrey Plaza and Mark Hamill are tremendous actors. They make this cheesy horror flick at least somewhat enjoyable. Yes, this movie is cheesy just like an ’80s slasher film. No, there’s not any sex or nude people. There are a lot of jokes and predictable kills. The film has plenty of gore, which still doesn’t make kill scenes more entertaining. One kill scene that takes place in a shopping store is so absurd that I laughed loudly in the theater. It involves robotic teddy bears.

This movie could use more suspense. Too much humor hurt this one. I feel as if this should’ve went straight to DVD. Plaza and Hamill were great. They just couldn’t save this movie.