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Streamer’s Journal #2

Last night’s stream focused on Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The legendary edition includes all three Mass Effect games of the original trilogy. I started by playing the first Mass Effect. I’ve played this game before when it originally released years ago. I just never got around to playing the sequels, but I will now.

I am pleased with the stream last night. I gained 2 new followers, which is always good. I streamed for 3 hours, which is the amount of time that I’d like to keep consistently hitting. I streamed in 540p resolution and it looked great onscreen. I hope that I can get the equipment soon that will let me improve my video resolution. Right now, I have to work what I got.


The End of Streamageddon

We’re just going to end Streamageddon with Spider-Man. I’m pooped. I appreciate all of the support in the past 4 days on the blog and on my Twitch channel. 13 broadcasts in a total of 4 days. I’ve created plenty of content. The ice and snow gave me a couple more days extra to make content. I also kept our blog well updated. Once again, thanks, and I’ll be back with more streams.


Spooktober Games #4: Dead by Daylight (Release Date: 2016)

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer (4vs1) game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players are Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught and killed. Behaviour Interactive has their own colorful roster of killers and survivors that players can be. Behaviour Interactive has been adding iconic killers from popular horror films to the games, such as Michael Myers from Halloween. The survivors’ main goal is to escape the killer and leave the map. The killer must capture and sacrifice the survivors. Dead by Daylight is a fun game to play with friends/family. It is fun for competition if you prefer to run solo. Pick this game up!

Gaming Madden

Being Competitive on Madden 20

I wanted to give myself a new project when it came to gaming. The last time that I was truly competitive on a video game was Mortal Kombat 11. So, I have decided to be competitive on Madden 20. I look forward to doing this at least until the end of May. Hopefully, it’ll make me a better Madden player that can defeat my friends who are challenging in the game.

Gaming Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack On Sale!

That’s correct, folks. The MK11 Kombat Pack is on sale in the PlayStation store. It’s currently $15.99. It’s originally $39.99. Gamers have until February the 5th to take advantage. I’d like to take advantage myself, but I may not. I only want Nightwolf and Joker. I played with the others. I didn’t like them. Anyway, get on it while you can.

Death Stranding Gaming YouTube

Jalapeno Black Plays Death Stranding (Episode 2)

I posted a new video today on my YouTube channel. It’s me picking up where I left off in Death Stranding. In the video, I travel to the distribution center that’s west of Capital Knot City. I cut the video short due to the timefall (deteriorating rainfall) beginning and lasting for what seems to be a long time. The next episode will be me picking up from where I was hiding because of the timefall.

Next video that I will post will my continuation of me playing Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 20. My posting order is: Batman Arkham Knight, Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and Madden 20. Episodes 2 of Batman Arkham Knight, Spider-Man and Death Stranding have been posted.

Gaming Marvel Spider-Man YouTube

Jalapeno Black Plays Marvel’s Spider-Man (Episode 2): Doing Science!

Today, on my gaming channel, I uploaded a new episode of me playing Marvel’s Spider-Man. The video is brief and is the shortest out of the videos that I have released so far. The video features me showing Peter Parker at his job for the first time in the game. This is where fans are introduced to Dr. Otto Octavius, who is Peter’s boss. In this part of the game, players are introduced to science projects that can be completed to gain more XP for Spider-Man. They are completing projects that involve circuitry and the use of a spectrograph. I actually enjoy these small projects that are featured in the game. Hope you enjoy the video!

Batman Gaming YouTube

Jalapeno Black Plays Batman: Arkham Knight (Episode 2): Taking Poison Ivy For A Spin

So, on YouTube, I’m going to feature myself playing 4 different video games. It’s going to be in this order: Batman: Arkham Knight, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and Madden NFL 20. Today, I posted episode 2 of me playing Batman: Arkham Knight. The episode is the game’s introduction of Poison Ivy into the story and the game gives guidance on how to use the Batmobile in battle. I hope that folks enjoy.

Gaming Madden YouTube

Face of the Franchise (Episode 1)

Today, I uploaded my first video of me playing Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 20. I didn’t get too far into the storyline. I played until the cutscene of the beginning of the first playoff game that your player will play in. In the beginning of the story, players are asked to choose a college to play for. I chose the Oregon Ducks as they are my favorite PAC-12 team. Players get to create how their football player looks at the start as well. All users play as quarterback in this mode so if you want to play a different position, you need to play in regular franchise mode. I hope that people enjoy this first episode!


My Return To Firewatch

I started playing the indie game, Firewatch, again. I wanted to go back to earn trophies that I missed on my first playthrough. I love the artwork to the game. It truly feels as if players are fire lookouts in the forest. The story is funny while unsettling. It’s scary knowing that there’s someone watching you while you keep tabs on the forest.