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N1A Streams: Ghost of Tsushima #2

Now, this is the first time that I’ve streamed this game. I’m counting this as a episode two because I’ve already been working on the story of this game. I just felt like adding it to the rotation. My playthrough is purely for the story. I started watching samurai movies, so I wanted to play this game. The stream, of course, is on Twitch at robertfrowniejr beginning at 11 a.m. central time.


LILV (Lonely In Lizard Valley) #3: The Elderly Couple

In the town of Lizard Valley, there’s one news station that also doubles as a newspaper publication building. There isn’t much news to discuss these days since everyone’s in a time loop. The station decided to do a featurette where they would interview different citizens of the town with their thoughts about being in a time loop. The station uploads the videos to online platforms, so the world can see the situation that they’re in. The videos have garnered plenty of attention with average views climbing in the millions. Today’s uploaded video features an elderly couple that’s happily married–the Jensens.

The Jensens are the elderly couple that Professor Kearns talked about in his interview with the Culver City newscaster. Kearns despises that the Jensens are so cheery about the time loop. In the video, longtime Lizard Valley newspaperman Joe Schmidt conducts the interview online via his camera and the Jensens join him online. Schmidt has on a white dress shirt with a red tie. He’s in his office with pictures of his degrees on the wooden wall behind him. He has nicely combed gray hair with a black mustache. The Jensens are sitting in their backyard. Mrs. Jensen has on a straw hat with her curly gray hair flowing downwards. She’s wearing a green dress where only her pale arms are revealed. She’s heavy set, while Mr. Jenson is smaller with his frame. He has on sunglasses with slicked back white hair. He has on a green polo with khaki pants. They’re sitting under their sun roof with their pool and water shining in the back.

The camera shot begins with Schmidt in his office.

“Today, we’re talking to the Jensons in an another installment of the “Looping Lives of Lizard Valley.” The Jensons are the elderly couple that Professor Kearns hinted at in his interview with the Culver City news. How do you two feel about the professor’s comment?”

Both of the Jensons shake their heads.

“Awful comments,” said Mrs. Jenson.

Mrs. Jenson looks at Mr. Jenson and back at the camera.

“We are enjoying this loop. We’re immortal practically. I’m sorry that the professor is sick, but he shouldn’t talk about us who enjoy the loop.”

Schmidt nods in agreement.

“How does it feel to be close to immortality?”

The Jensons smile.

“We feel so young and vibrant. We don’t have to worry about our health declining now. How do you feel, Schmidt?”

“I’m okay. Wish this would’ve started when I was younger.”

They all chuckle together. Schmidt asks the couple one more question.

“Any words for the people watching that’s not from Lizard Valley?”

“Yes. Come here if you wanna live forever. I mean, the day starts the same every time, but the rest of it is up to you.”

“Alright. Special thanks to the Jensons for joining us! Please tune in next week for a new web episode. “


LILV (Lonely in Lizard Valley) #2: The Exes

The day always starts the same for every citizen in Lizard Valley. The citizens know this as they’re stuck in a constant time loop. In Lizard Park, Hannah and Clint sit on a bench with donuts in the middle. There are two cups of coffee. One on each side of the donut box. This is the ex-couple’s 25th day consecutively of starting their day on the bench. Citizens’ days always start the same, but they are free to do whatever as the day goes along. It’s still awkward between the two. Clint has on a gray hoodie with gray sweatpants with black tennis shoes. Hannah has on blue jeans with a white jacket and white tennis shoes. Her blonde hair is in a ponytail and her skin is tan. Clint has short blonde hair and pale skin. They’re both in athletic shape. 

Hannah grabs her cup of coffee and takes a sip.

“It’s bad that we’re getting used to this,” she says.

“Yeah, it is,” says Clint. 

Hannah looks at Clint and smiles. 

“We should go to the club tonight and have a good time.” 

Clint is hesitant at the thought, but then agrees.

“Yeah. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad.”

Hannah sees Clint’s reluctance. 

“You don’t gotta go.”

“No, no, it would be fun.”

Clint still has feelings for Hannah. Hannah seems to have moved on. Clint’s trying to overcome those feelings. Clint grabs his cup of coffee and holds it with both hands.

“I’ll go. I need to get out.”

They both smile at each other. Hannah relaxes and sits against the bench. 

“You know the first few days we kept starting at the same point in time were rough. But, now, we’re used to it and it’s helped us to be close again.”

Clint takes a sip of his coffee.

“Yeah,” Clint replies. 

Hannah looks at Clint with a look of concern. 

“Do you think this time loop will ever end?”

Clint looks back at her with worry.

“I don’t know.”

They both look ahead to the pond that has a fountain in the middle. There are piers where people can stand closer to the water. The pond is huge and stretches out deep into the park. Hannah grabs a donut and stands up from the bench. 

“Well, I’ll see you tonight, right?”

Clint looks at her and nods.

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

“Ok. I’ll see you then!”

Clint is at home going through his closet deciding what to wear for the evening. While he looks, he listens to a podcast from Professor Kearns about the town of Lizard Valley. 

“I don’t have a clue what’s going on with this town. It’s its own time anomaly.”

Clint pulls out a white dress shirt and looks over it. 

“What caused this? I’m in wonder of how this come to be. How this bubble covers the whole town?”

Clint pulls out a gray tie to match with the white dress shirt. 

“It’s like the town has become an alternate version of itself.”

Clint looks at the radio and start to dress up for the club. After dressing up, Clint goes to his car and sits inside. Before sticking the key in the ignition, he ponders whether he should go to the club or not. He shakes his head–thinking he can do this. He drives to the club that has a neon sign of a gigantic lizard. He parks his car in a parking lot filled with vehicles. He looks around for Hannah’s vehicle, but he doesn’t see it. He walks to the entrance where he shows the bodyguard his I.D. in order to get inside. He gets pass the guard, then heads to the dance floor slowly. He stops suddenly before entering the crowd of dancing people. He sees Hannah dancing in the middle of the floor. She has her blonde hair down and it flows with her dance movements. She has on a black dress that swings back and forth. She seems happy. He feels like he’s going to ruin it. He turns around and leaves. He gets in his car and he heads to Lizard Park. He walks towards the pond where he walks out to one of the piers. He stares at the fountain with the feeling that he’s trapped in a scenario that he can’t handle. He doesn’t want to wake up every day next to the person that is his ex. He wishes things were different. All of a sudden, a white portal forms underneath his feet. He starts falling rapidly.


He lands hard onto a smooth, gray floor. Two guys are standing over him. Clint grimaces in pain and looks up.

“Damn, dude. We should’ve put a mattress there.”

Clint looks at them frightened.


Lonely In Lizard Valley #1: The Professor (Fictional Story)

Joseph Parker is a news reporter for a Culver City news station—WZYT Channel 9 News. He’s in his late forties-early fifties, whose hair is balding. He’s bald on top with brown hair on the sides. He has on a blue button up shirt with a blue tie. He is waiting to go live via a stream that’s similar to Zoom. He turns on his camera and then gets the cue to begin.

“Today, we have an interesting interview today with a scientist from the secretive town Lizard Valley. There are rumors that the town is stuck in a constant time loop. Today, we have professor Lars Kearns via Zoom stream to talk about this mysterious location. Lars, are you there?”

The Zoom stream goes to a split screen. Lars is a skinny, older man in his mid-fifties with hair that’s black and curly. He has on a white dress shirt with a red tie that’s loose on his shirt. There’s a significant blood stain on his shirt. He has on glasses that are crooked on his face. He looks distraught and tired. Parker didn’t expect his guest to look this way.

“Woah…Professor Kearns…are you okay there?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good. Call me Lars. The locals call me Lars.”

“So, Professor Kearns, tell me what it’s like living in the strange town of Lizard Valley.”

“Oh, it’s bullshit.”

Parker’s eyes grow large. Then he laughs nervously. 

“I’m sorry, Professor, but we can’t curse on air.”

The professor is looking at the bloodstain on his shirt. Then he snaps out of it to look at Parker.

“Oh, sorry,” the professor says.

“I see you looking at a stain on your shirt. Is that blood?”

“Yeah, I shot myself in another failed suicide attempt.” 

“Uh,” says Parker.

Parker chuckles nervously, while sweat appears on his face. Parker’s news producer talks to Parker in his ear piece. 

“Keep going.”

Parker nods and continues on. “So…you attempted suicide?”

“Yeah, it was the…17th time. See…time in Lizard Valley is in a loop. We relive the same day every day. You can do different things. But when the day ends, we start all over again. Also, apparently, we can’t die and we’re immortal.” 

“Wow. Immortality,” says Parker.

“It’s not a good thing. You wanna know why?”


Kearns pulls up his shirt to show his skinny frame and small belly.

“I have stage two stomach cancer. It will never go away. See, I could leave the valley and maybe get treatment. But, the next day, I’ll wake back up here with my body back in the same condition. I could go to Japan for treatment and I’ll somehow be back the next day. See, our brains and thoughts move forward with time, but our bodies don’t. Time always resets itself every day here.”

Parker looks baffled and curious as to what say next. 

“Sounds awful,” says Parker.

“Don’t believe all of these rumors about the town. Don’t get me wrong–it’s a good town for some. Some, like me, it’s bad.”

“May I ask who thinks it’s a good life?”

“The Clarks do! They’re both in their eighties. Apparently they don’t wanna die yet. I guess they’re not tired of looking at each other.”

Kearns brings out a long, brown rope. He looks at Parker.

“You know…when the word got to me that this town was mysterious and it was in a time loop…I had to check it out myself.”

He starts tying the rope into a noose.

“That was a mistake. So fucking stupid. Oh, sorry, I cussed again. I thought that I could fix this town’s temporal crisis. I thought that I could be a hero. Instead, my brain is cooked. 

Kearns gets up from his chair with the noose and stands on the chair. Parker starts to panic.

“Uh, Professor Kearns. Professor Kearns! What are you doing?”

Kearns looks at the camera.

“Killing myself. I’m sleepy. Tired. I need a breather. Gotta deal with this bullshit again tomorrow. Like I said, we can’t die here.”

Kearns puts the noose around his neck.

“I’d say goodbye, cruel world, but it wouldn’t be true. See y’all tomorrow!”

Parker cuts off the feed and makes it single screen. Parker is in shock as he closes his interview. 

“That…that…back to you, Lance.”

Parker stares into his laptop screen in utter shock.