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N1A Spooky Streams: Thimbleweed Park

Throughout the Summer of Spooks, we will do streams that feature games that have elements of horror and mystery. This is our first stream for our spooky event. The game we are featuring today is Thimbleweed Park. The game is a murder mystery that has a great sense of humor. Stream starts at 3:15 p.m. central time on Twitch at robertfrowniejr.

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Spooktober Games #2: Thimbleweed Park (2017)

Number One Archives is back with another game for Spooktober! Thimbleweed Park is a mystery/puzzle game by Terrible Toybox. There’s a dead body in the forgotten town of Thimbleweed Park, which is the least of your problems. Players control five different characters who have nothing in common, but they are all connected. The game feels like an episode of Twin Peaks with humor that will keep gamers entertained. Players get to walk to creepy locations such as an abandoned circus and a haunted hotel. The locations are important to the characters as the town is a secret waiting to be discovered. Put on your detective cap and get to solving these mysteries!