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Food Games For Thanksgiving #1: Overcooked 1 and 2

Developed by Ghost Town Games. Published by Team17.

Halloween is sadly over. Let’s look at the bright side–Thanksgiving is upon us! We get to go from binging candy to binging food. That’s a fantastic transition! To celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s look at video games that focus on cooking. Well…if you like cooking that is!

Overcooked is an indie game franchise where players can team up with three other players to tackle different assignments in the kitchen. Assignments such as cooking, washing plates, chopping vegetables, and serving dishes. Teamwork is vital to this cooperative game where time is of importance. Players must serve several dishes in a small amount of time to succeed and unlock new levels. This game will truly test friendships and relationships. Overcooked 1 + 2 are available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Spooktober Games #8: The Forest (Release Date: 2018)

Endnight Games Ltd’s The Forest is a game where players have to survive in a mysterious forest against cannibalistic mutants. Players explore the forest, find materials to build objects, and fight off the mutants. The game features a time system where players will play during the day and at night. Players are able to gather items during the day to build a fortress to halt mutants. At night, players fend off the hungry mutants, who will attack players’ buildings. Stealth is a way to attack the mutants or players can attack head-on with their own crafted weaponry. The game is on Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

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Spooktober Games #7: Puppet Combo

Puppet Combo isn’t a game. Puppet Combo is an indie developer that makes games inspired by 80’s VHS era horror, slasher films, and retro low-poly survival horror. Much respect to the developer as it is one person, who cranks out these glorious, terrifying experiences. Nothing is pretty in the Puppet Combo universe. If you decide to dive in…prepare for a gritty survival experience. Puppet Combo has several games to check out if you love horror. Here is a few to try:

Night of the Nun…aka Nun Massacre is where players have to survive a psychopathic nun who is out for blood. It’s a game of hide and seek as players have to avoid the nun. There are multiple endings to the game inside of the nun’s lair.

-In Babysitter Bloodbath, players are the babysitter, Sarah, who are tasked with babysitting young Billy, then surviving the bloody rampage of killer Neokalus Burr! Burr escapes the insane asylum and wants to continue his murder massacre. Will you survive?

Power Drill Massacre is where gamers play as Meg, who is injured after a car crash. Meg goes through the woods looking for help and stumbles upon an abandoned building. She goes inside–only to get trapped. A power drill fires up. Meg isn’t alone in the building as a killer is inside.

Night Ripper is about a serial killer, who is killing prostitutes in a city. Players are a waitress on her way home from work at a diner. After the cops block off her way home in order to investigate a dead body, she must go another route. The “Night Ripper” gets on your trail as you try to make it home.

Check out these games for Spooktober and show Puppet Combo some love!


Spooktober Games #6: SOMA (Release Date: 2015)

Are you looking for a horror game that takes place underneath the sea? SOMA is the game that you’re looking for. Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, submerge players into the watery depths of the ocean where you struggle to survive, while discovering what it means to be human. Players are inside the underwater facility PATHOS-II where they must uncover the truth of why the facility has been isolated. There are different types of enemies that players must combat, such as corrupted humans, twisted creatures, insane robots, and an inscrutable omnipresent A.I. Gamers take on these creatures and work on trying to find the remaining inhabitants of the facility. Pick up SOMA on PS4, Xbox One, OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

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Spooktober Games #5: Outlast (Release Date: 2013)

Outlast is a survival horror game by developer Red Barrels. Gamers play as investigative journalist Miles Upshur, who is exploring Mount Massive Asylum. The goal is to survive in the asylum long enough to discover the location’s horrible secret. The game is in first-person, which provides for a terrifying experience. Players don’t have weapons to use. They either have to hide or run to escape the asylum. Red Barrels incorporates enemies that are intelligent and attack at any time. Outlast draws inspiration from actual asylums. Villains in the game are based on actual patients. Outlast will take gamers on a scary experience that they won’t forget. Outlast is available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and classic Mac OS.

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Spooktober Games #1: Night in the Woods

Since it’s Spooktober (October), let’s talk about games to play that would be perfect for this month! The first game is Night in the Woods. Night in the Woods is developed by Infinite Fall. It’s an indie game that focuses on Mae, who’s an anthropomorphic cat that returns home after dropping out from college. She tries to reconnect with her friends, while discovering that there’s something wrong with her sleepy hometown.

Here’s a list of reasons to check out this game.

-The cast of characters is funny and diverse. Mae, Gregg, Angus, and Bea have been friends for years. Gregg is a male anthropomorphic fox and Angus is a male anthropomorphic bear. They’re a beautiful couple who love each other, so this game is LGBTQ friendly. Bea is a female anthropomorphic crocodile, who seems to be the clarity that the gang needs.

-The game’s art is a pleasing aesthetic. Night in the Woods takes place around autumn. Gamers get to take in the beauty of the orange, red, and yellow leaves falling. Nighttime in NitW is beautiful with bright blues amidst shadows. An example of how it looks is above. The ambience in this game is well executed, so is the weather system.

-The final reason is because of the spooky story. I mentioned earlier that there was something wrong in the town. I’m not going to reveal what the mystery is. I don’t believe in spoiling stories. I will say that this game proves that true friends will have your back even in the face of evil.

Go check this game out! I’ll have new posts about Batman: Gotham After Midnight next week. More games as well!


My Return To Firewatch

I started playing the indie game, Firewatch, again. I wanted to go back to earn trophies that I missed on my first playthrough. I love the artwork to the game. It truly feels as if players are fire lookouts in the forest. The story is funny while unsettling. It’s scary knowing that there’s someone watching you while you keep tabs on the forest.