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New Year’s Evil (1980) Review: Ringing in the New Year with a bland slasher from the Cannon Film Group.

New Year’s Evil. Released in 1980. Directed by Emmet Alston. Starring Roz Kelly and Kip Niven.

I see that my writing partner decided to review Pixar’s Soul, a movie that sounds quite delightful and probably features complex emotions and stunning visual moments; I went in the opposite direction. My final film review is for New Year’s Evil, a trashy low budget slasher from the Cannon Group, known for iconic classics such as Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

New Year’s Evil features a misogynistic killer who targets women on New Year’s Eve. He calls into a New Year’s Eve party, entitled New Year’s Evil, and tells the sexy lady host that he is Evil (how he actually refers to himself) and at every stroke of midnight from around the USA, he will kill a different woman. The New Year’s Eve party features zombie-like dancing from the drugged-out punks in the audience and multiple repetitions of the same song that we hear during the opening credits.

You get what you expect from New Year’s Evil, a cheesy slasher that was more than likely trying to cash in on the slasher craze created by John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). The kills in the movie are not very memorable. The moments that stuck out to me were the awkward exchanges between characters and the incredibly stilted and bland acting. None of the characters seem emotionally invested in the situation at hand. The cops and the people that are harassed seem more bored and inconvenienced than terrified by the crazy slasher going around murdering women. One amazing exchange occurs between one of the killer’s soon to be victims and a normal clerk at a liquor store. As they are exchanging goods and money he wishes her a dramatic Happy New Year; the woman nods her head, almost in lamentation rather than joy for what is to come, and I related to that so deeply and on so many levels. This sequence ends with the woman discovering Evil in the dumpster, which gives us the best shot of the movie with his face being illuminated by his lighter.

New Year’s Evil is nothing special, but the cheesiness and bizarre exchanges between characters made for a slightly memorable experience. Honestly, New Year’s Evil makes a perfect final viewing of 2020; after it starts you kind of want it to end so you can move on to the next thing. Happy New Year!

Rating 2/5


Huge Releases This Upcoming Week!

Next week will be a huge week in the world of gaming. Microsoft and Sony release their new consoles. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S launches this Tuesday, November 10th. Big games that launch exclusively for the Xbox Series X are Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and Sea of Thieves. The Xbox Series X costs $499, while the S sits at $299.

On Thursday, November 12th, the PS5 launches. Consumers have the option to decide between two different PS5s. The digital edition is $399 and the edition with the disc drive is $499. Games that will launch exclusively for the PS5 are Demon’s Souls, Godfall, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. There are a few exciting titles that will launch on both platforms as well. Those games are: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Borderlands 3, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Fortnite, NBA 2K21, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Good luck to those who try to land one of these consoles this week. The best retailers to try are GameStop, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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Food Games For Thanksgiving #1: Overcooked 1 and 2

Developed by Ghost Town Games. Published by Team17.

Halloween is sadly over. Let’s look at the bright side–Thanksgiving is upon us! We get to go from binging candy to binging food. That’s a fantastic transition! To celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s look at video games that focus on cooking. Well…if you like cooking that is!

Overcooked is an indie game franchise where players can team up with three other players to tackle different assignments in the kitchen. Assignments such as cooking, washing plates, chopping vegetables, and serving dishes. Teamwork is vital to this cooperative game where time is of importance. Players must serve several dishes in a small amount of time to succeed and unlock new levels. This game will truly test friendships and relationships. Overcooked 1 + 2 are available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.