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MK11 Kombat Pack 2 Releases Today!

Rain, Mileena, and Rambo enter the world of Mortal Kombat 11 today. Netherrealm Studios are delivering excitement with their DLC characters. Now players can pit Rambo versus The Terminator. It’s great to see two classic ninjas return to the fight with Rain and Mileena. Pick up the fighters today!

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Jalapeno Black Plays Death Stranding (Episode 2)

I posted a new video today on my YouTube channel. It’s me picking up where I left off in Death Stranding. In the video, I travel to the distribution center that’s west of Capital Knot City. I cut the video short due to the timefall (deteriorating rainfall) beginning and lasting for what seems to be a long time. The next episode will be me picking up from where I was hiding because of the timefall.

Next video that I will post will my continuation of me playing Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 20. My posting order is: Batman Arkham Knight, Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and Madden 20. Episodes 2 of Batman Arkham Knight, Spider-Man and Death Stranding have been posted.

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Jalapeno Black Plays Marvel’s Spider-Man (Episode 2): Doing Science!

Today, on my gaming channel, I uploaded a new episode of me playing Marvel’s Spider-Man. The video is brief and is the shortest out of the videos that I have released so far. The video features me showing Peter Parker at his job for the first time in the game. This is where fans are introduced to Dr. Otto Octavius, who is Peter’s boss. In this part of the game, players are introduced to science projects that can be completed to gain more XP for Spider-Man. They are completing projects that involve circuitry and the use of a spectrograph. I actually enjoy these small projects that are featured in the game. Hope you enjoy the video!

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Jalapeno Black Plays Batman: Arkham Knight (Episode 2): Taking Poison Ivy For A Spin

So, on YouTube, I’m going to feature myself playing 4 different video games. It’s going to be in this order: Batman: Arkham Knight, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and Madden NFL 20. Today, I posted episode 2 of me playing Batman: Arkham Knight. The episode is the game’s introduction of Poison Ivy into the story and the game gives guidance on how to use the Batmobile in battle. I hope that folks enjoy.

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Face of the Franchise (Episode 1)

Today, I uploaded my first video of me playing Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 20. I didn’t get too far into the storyline. I played until the cutscene of the beginning of the first playoff game that your player will play in. In the beginning of the story, players are asked to choose a college to play for. I chose the Oregon Ducks as they are my favorite PAC-12 team. Players get to create how their football player looks at the start as well. All users play as quarterback in this mode so if you want to play a different position, you need to play in regular franchise mode. I hope that people enjoy this first episode!

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Jalapeno Black Plays Batman: Arkham Knight (Part One)

I recently filmed myself playing Batman: Arkham Knight. I don’t like filming myself because I think that I sound goofy. I did enjoy myself as I played and narrated my gameplay. I have to work on audio issues that I have. It has to do with my microphone so I should get it fixed soon. Here is a link to the video below:

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Jalapeno Watches Spider-Man (2002) Again–Part 3

Peter tells Uncle Ben that he’s going to the library. Ben tells Peter that he’ll drop him off so he can speak to him one-on-one. Ben has noticed that Peter is different from before. After they arrive at the library, the two argue with each other. Peter is a bit of a jerk to Ben in what will be their final confrontation. Sam Raimi, the director, does an excellent shot of Ben driving away to enhance this moment.

After Ben’s death, Peter finds Ben’s killer inside of an abandoned warehouse. He takes the goon out, then decides to become a permanent crimefighter. As his crusade as a hero gets stronger, Norman Osborn dressed as a goblin starts wreaking more havoc. He starts using a glider with bombs to attack people that threaten him. He kills people as the drugs have overtaken his mind.

J. Jonah Jameson also makes an appearance as comedic relief. Peter starts working for the Bugle. Jameson gets into the crosshairs of the rivalry, but doesn’t get hurt. Jameson also starts calling Norman’s disguise the Green Goblin. The rivalry between Spider-Man and Green Goblin gets personal as the two deduce the other’s identity. Norman attacks the ones that Peter loves, which leads to an emotional climax.

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Jalapeno Watches Spider-Man (2002) Again–Part 2

Scene 5 is Peter checking out his pecs in the mirror after he awakens from the incident the night before. After he finishes admiring himself, he heads to school happily. He sees Mary Jane, who’s his next-door-neighbor, getting yelled at by her dad, who’s a dick. Peter just can’t get the courage to speak to her. I mean, she is beautiful. Mary Jane and Peter met differently in the comics. Aunt May introduces MJ to Peter in the books while the movie goes a different route. They’re neighbors who never got to know each other. MJ is popular while Pete isn’t. Pete has a better family life while she doesn’t.

Scene 7 is Norman Osborn being awakened by Harry Osborn. Harry asks Norman what happened and Norman can’t remember jack shit. The drug has wiped his memory. An office assistant tells Norman that his scientist at the lab is dead. Apparently Norman killed his ass.

After we see that Norman lost his memory, we join Peter back at school who’s eating lunch. His powers are starting to slowly appear. He saves MJ from slipping on the floor and busting her ass. Then, his webbing causes him to send his lunch plate to Flash Thompson’s head. They fight in the hall later where Peter does a ridiculous backflip that is too unreal. Anyway, Peter wins! And still looks like a creep to everyone.

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Jalapeno Watches Spider-Man (2002) Again–Part 1

Do you smell that folks? That is the ripe smell of nostalgia. Tonight…I revisit my childhood. Tonight…I watch the Spider-Man trilogy again. Even that cheesy third film of the trilogy. These posts will be in parts. Part 1 is the first 5 scenes of Spider-Man!

The beginning is the opening credits with amazing music by Danny Elfman! Damn! I love that score. It gets you excited for what’s about to unfold.

After the opening credits, we see Peter Parker chasing down the school bus. Tobey Maguire plays Peter Parker as a nerdy, lovable, and awkward teenagers who doesn’t have many friends. His crush, Mary Jane Watson, makes the asshole bus driver stop the cheese wagon for Pete. The bus stops at the location of the class field trip at Columbia University. Harry Osborn (James Franco) joins Peter at the trip after being dropped off by his father Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe). Norman clearly likes Peter as they’re both science fanatics.

Inside of Columbia’s science department, the class is getting a tour of a room where scientists are genetically engineering spiders. Peter tries to snap a few photos of the spiders, but Flash Thompson with his goons keep screwing up Peter’s shots. Peter manages to catch Mary Jane alone at a spider display. He summons up the courage to get her picture when he’s bitten by a spider that has been genetically modified. It makes Pete not feel so good for the night.

Meanwhile, that same night, Norman tests a drug that is supposed to give humans enhanced abilities. The drug drives him freaking nuts and he attacks his assistant. Willem Dafoe looks freaky in this scene. Also, he would be a good Joker just saying. Either way, in one night, two men transform their bodies. Peter does on accident (spider bite) and Norman does on purpose (drug testing). Each man ends up more stronger and quicker than before.

Part 2 is scenes 6-10! That’s next!

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Jalapeno Black Reviews Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) (Part 1)

Two years after the release of Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero (1998), Warner Brothers Animation released a new Batman animated movie. This time they decided to give Batman Beyond its own feature length film. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker saw the return of the mad clown as well as Mark Hamill as the voice. This may arguably be the best Batman animated movie as it pushed to be dark as well as bold for its time. It is also a creative mixture of suspense, mystery, and science fiction.

Joker mysteriously appears years later in Gotham City. He is older and has a gang of young adults who are doing his bidding. Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne’s protege, wants to take the fight to the Joker while Bruce Wayne is in shock that the Joker is back. Normally, fans don’t see Bruce in a surprised state, but he is definitely surprised to say the least. Bruce is surprised because he holds a secret that pertains to the Joker.

Bruce and Barbara Gordon try to keep Terry away from this case. They know how dangerous the Joker is. The Joker somehow infiltrates the Batcave to attack Bruce. This part in the film really started to get me intrigued into the mystery because Joker has never infiltrated the Batcave in the cartoons as far as I can remember. Terry finds Bruce lying on the floor on the verge of death. Joker poisoned Bruce with his toxin which Bruce has an antidote for. After Terry cures Bruce with the antidote, Bruce unveils the dark secret about the Joker.

I enjoyed this sequence of the film. A scene such as this probably wouldn’t have been allowed on the Batman Beyond animated series. Years ago, when Bruce was still Batman and Barbara was Batgirl, Joker kidnapped Robin (Tim Drake). Joker tortured the young boy. He tortured Drake psychologically into thinking that Drake could be Joker’s son. The effects on Drake are visible as the animators made Drake look horrifying as a miniature Joker. Although Drake has clearly suffered from the torture, he does something no one in the animated universe has done. He kills the Joker. The death is shocking, but Joker dying would make the world a better place.

I’m going to break this post into two parts so check later for part two!