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Wild Burger Review: Big Mouth Bites (Chili’s)

Big mouth bites.

At first glance, the big mouth bites from Chili’s doesn’t look fulfilling on the menu. When they arrive in person, along with a basket of delicious fries, you’ll see that they’re capable of making you full. The buns shine with a sweet, buttery taste. The patties are covered with cheese, onions, bacon, and creamy ranch dressing. We don’t know how you feel about ranch as a condiment, but we like it in certain instances. The ranch pairs perfectly with the other flavors.

The beef isn’t spectacular in taste. The toppings help to bring out its flavor. The fries are perfectly cut and seasoned with salt. Sometimes they are too seasoned. Ranch or ketchup can help combat that. Big mouth bites are a set of mini burgers that I always come back to.

Overall rating: 3/5.

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Wild Burger Review: Wendy’s Baconator

A delicious way to make yourself a statistic for one of the 12 major causes of death in America.

Wendy’s Baconator is 960 calories of death compiled into a tasty burger. The Baconator is definitely a good tasting burger (about as good as a fast food burger can get), but everyone knows that it is absolutely horrible for you. Biting into a Baconator is like biting six feet into your own grave, more than likely caused by massive cardiac failure. It consists of a half-pound of fresh All-American beef, American cheese, and 6 pieces of bacon; like most things made in America, you can tell that the Baconator is overcompensating. So, go out, get a delicious Baconator, and then question your entire life decision as you attempt to not shit your pants and keep what little dignity you have left.

Rating 3/5

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Wild Burger Review: McDouble (McDonald’s)

Prepare for trouble…and make it double.

Today, N1A starts two things. The first is the wild review. These are reviews where we rant and make our audiences laugh. The second is the wild burger review where we steer clear of pop culture and talk about burgers that we tried briefly. Burgers from fast-food chains and different restaurants. Our first wild burger review is the McDouble from McDonald’s.

This burger is as simple as it gets. There’s nothing special to it. It doesn’t look as appealing as McDonald’s tries to make it. It’s two patties with cheese, ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickles. The McDouble is for broke-ass people like me. It’s for the people that are stoned outta their fucking mind and that gets that wild-ass craving for McDonald’s. It’s a burger that you secretly enjoy and secretly know that you could’ve chosen better. It’s your side chick burger that you’re not proud about. It is convenient however. It’s on the dollar menu with the tasty, cheap McChicken. Just get the McChicken with fries.

Overall rating: 1.5/5.