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Sci-Fi Review: After Last Season (2009): A movie so bad it needs to be witnessed.

After Last Season. Directed by Mark Region. This is a real scene from the movie. This movie also cost $5 Million Dollars and most of it was spent of the visual and computer effects.

The Spring of Sci-Fi Review #3

After Last Season was painful to experience. Something about watching this movie was the equivalency of having an anxiety attack. The production design is ugly, the music will make your ears bleed, and the direction, editing, and cinematography will make you question the reality of the project you are watching. For a moment, I thought I must have fallen asleep and dreamt this movie, but here I am typing this review trying to understand what I just witnessed. 

After Last Season‘s “story” seems to revolve around two medical students specializing in neurology who begin working on a telepathic test linking two minds together. During this experiment, the female student, Sarah, links telepathically with a murderer who killed a student, Craig, sometime in the last week. While that may sound like a decent enough plot it is not really used in the movie. Most of the movie features non-sequitur shots of ceiling fans and chairs. THERE ARE MULTIPLE LENGTHY SHOTS OF WALLS AND NOTHING ELSE! How does one go about making a movie as inept as this? The music sounds like it was composed by the director’s nephew’s double amputee dog. During the telepathic scenes, we get to witness geometrical shapes forming on our screen. These scenes look like screensavers from 1995 (the movie was made in 2009).

My brain cannot comprehend how bad this movie was. At one point I just started manically laughing. Not at the movie, not at anything in general, I just lost my mind momentarily. I honestly think this movie needs to be seen to be believed. The camera occasionally pans around to look at nothing and I jokingly said the killer would be an invisible man…low and behold, he was an invisible man. This is a strange movie masquerading as something experimental and abstract, but don’t let that fool you…it’s shit, pure shit.

No Rating. It defies the numerical system

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