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Wild Burger Review: Wendy’s Baconator

A delicious way to make yourself a statistic for one of the 12 major causes of death in America.

Wendy’s Baconator is 960 calories of death compiled into a tasty burger. The Baconator is definitely a good tasting burger (about as good as a fast food burger can get), but everyone knows that it is absolutely horrible for you. Biting into a Baconator is like biting six feet into your own grave, more than likely caused by massive cardiac failure. It consists of a half-pound of fresh All-American beef, American cheese, and 6 pieces of bacon; like most things made in America, you can tell that the Baconator is overcompensating. So, go out, get a delicious Baconator, and then question your entire life decision as you attempt to not shit your pants and keep what little dignity you have left.

Rating 3/5

By Film Slut

I am a creative writer who enjoys writing short fiction, poetry, short scripts, critical essays, and film reviews. I have been described as a “film slut” because I spend the majority of my life trying to watch every movie made.

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