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Review: Soul (2020)

Soul. Starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. Directed by Pete Docter. Written by Pete Docter, Mike Jones, and Kemp Powers.

This is my final film review of 2020. A year that a majority of us want to forget. We are on the verge of 2021 and we hope that there are great things to come. We decided to end the year with the recently released Soul starring Jamie Foxx. Did the movie leave us on a high note?

The movie focuses on middle-school band teacher Joe, who’s played by Jamie Foxx. Joe isn’t fulfilled with being a teacher as he dreams of being a successful jazz musician. After receiving a huge break to play in a jazz set, Joe is so excited that he’s not watching where he walks and he walks over a manhole that is uncovered. Joe is taken to what the movie calls “The Great Beyond.” The Great Beyond is essentially the film’s version of the afterlife. It looks like outer space with a conveyor belt in the middle that is taking souls to a huge, white hole that we guess is Heaven. Joe finds a way to escape the Great Beyond, then lands himself in the Great Before. The Great Before is where souls that are like humans are mentored before being sent to earth to take the form of a baby at birth. Joe enlists the help of Soul 22 (Tina Fey) to make it back to his body, so he can play in the big jazz show. On this journey, Joe and Soul 22 figure out for themselves what it means to live and their purposes on earth.

The story is fresh, though it could be confusing for some. We mentioned in the above paragraph about the concepts of the Great Beyond and the Great Before. The film introduces other concepts, such as how important the soul is and how it’s created. It also speaks on how a soul becomes lost. A soul, in this movie, is lost when someone becomes obsessed with a particular idea or passion that they have. The concepts are intriguing and definitely thought-provoking.

Director Pete Docter does a tremendous job of making this a visually-stunning film. All of the different environments that are created for this film were crafted perfectly. Whether it’s the beauty of autumn leaves falling in the movie or the fun-colored Great Before, Docter makes this movie a pleasing aesthetic to the eyes. He does a great job of making the film emotional without it being dark. The film makes us aware that we’re going to die eventually, but to make the most out of life while we’re here.

My final evaluation is that Soul is a pleasing observation on life and the creation of it. A heartwarming film released in a dark year.

Overall rating: 4/5.

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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