Moon Knight #1 (2014)

Mercenary Marc Spector died in Egypt, under the statue of ancient deity Khonshu. He returned to life in the shadow of the moon god. He fights crime and is utterly insane because he has DID (dissociative identity disorder). Spector has four distinctive personalities that he will use. In this first issue, readers mainly see Spector as himself dressed as “Mr. Knight.” Mr. Knight is the part of Spector that handles street-level crime. It sometimes can be hard to distinguish which personality Spector is in later issues. Warren Ellis leaves it as ambiguous as to what goes on in the head of Spector.

Moon Knight shares similarities with other rich superheroes, such as Iron Man and Batman. He uses his wealth to fund his heroics. Moon Knight is different due to DID and he’s more violent than the other two. The “Mr. Knight” design is a hero who wants the attention of his foes. It’s sleek and clean. He’s not trying to be flashy or gloomy.

Mr. Knight is a detective, who cares about the people. Spector helps the NYPD to find a slasher (killer) in the streets. The unique part of the comic isn’t the story of the crime. It’s Moon Knight when he speaks to his personalities in his head, especially Khonshu. This dynamic is interesting as it shows Spector trying to work with Khonshu and company. It will be intriguing to see how this goes forward.

Overall rating: 3.5/5.

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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