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Spooktober Games #7: Puppet Combo

Puppet Combo isn’t a game. Puppet Combo is an indie developer that makes games inspired by 80’s VHS era horror, slasher films, and retro low-poly survival horror. Much respect to the developer as it is one person, who cranks out these glorious, terrifying experiences. Nothing is pretty in the Puppet Combo universe. If you decide to dive in…prepare for a gritty survival experience. Puppet Combo has several games to check out if you love horror. Here is a few to try:

Night of the Nun…aka Nun Massacre is where players have to survive a psychopathic nun who is out for blood. It’s a game of hide and seek as players have to avoid the nun. There are multiple endings to the game inside of the nun’s lair.

-In Babysitter Bloodbath, players are the babysitter, Sarah, who are tasked with babysitting young Billy, then surviving the bloody rampage of killer Neokalus Burr! Burr escapes the insane asylum and wants to continue his murder massacre. Will you survive?

Power Drill Massacre is where gamers play as Meg, who is injured after a car crash. Meg goes through the woods looking for help and stumbles upon an abandoned building. She goes inside–only to get trapped. A power drill fires up. Meg isn’t alone in the building as a killer is inside.

Night Ripper is about a serial killer, who is killing prostitutes in a city. Players are a waitress on her way home from work at a diner. After the cops block off her way home in order to investigate a dead body, she must go another route. The “Night Ripper” gets on your trail as you try to make it home.

Check out these games for Spooktober and show Puppet Combo some love!

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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