The Devil’s Red Bride #1 (2020)

Writer: Sebastian Girner. Artist: John Bivens. Colorist: Iris Monahan. Letterer: Jeff Powell. Publisher: Vault Comics.

“The Devil’s Red Bride” is a bloody, brutal samurai tale that takes place in 16th century Japan. Sebastian Girner introduces Ketsuko, who’s the daughter to Lord Aragami. Lord Aragami leads the Aragami clan, while clad in his “Red Devil” mask. Ketsuko grew up in a life of war as her father was constantly battling the Kamimura clan. Girner portrays Ketsuko as a serious character who has been hardened by the Japanese battlefields covered with the dead. Girner’s script is emotional, gripping, and a fantastic piece of historical fiction.

John Bivens’ artwork doesn’t shy away from the horrors of battle. Bivens features layouts with gruesome sword slashes that cut open sharply. Iris Monahan makes sure that the blood isn’t unnoticed with deep red hues. Bivens and Monahan bring to life the “Red Devil” outfit as a frightening, menacing figure on the battlefield.

Final Evaluation – check this book out if you love samurai tales! This book is a diverse tale with a strong woman leading the way in her quest to avenge her clan.

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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