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Spooktober Games #1: Night in the Woods

Since it’s Spooktober (October), let’s talk about games to play that would be perfect for this month! The first game is Night in the Woods. Night in the Woods is developed by Infinite Fall. It’s an indie game that focuses on Mae, who’s an anthropomorphic cat that returns home after dropping out from college. She tries to reconnect with her friends, while discovering that there’s something wrong with her sleepy hometown.

Here’s a list of reasons to check out this game.

-The cast of characters is funny and diverse. Mae, Gregg, Angus, and Bea have been friends for years. Gregg is a male anthropomorphic fox and Angus is a male anthropomorphic bear. They’re a beautiful couple who love each other, so this game is LGBTQ friendly. Bea is a female anthropomorphic crocodile, who seems to be the clarity that the gang needs.

-The game’s art is a pleasing aesthetic. Night in the Woods takes place around autumn. Gamers get to take in the beauty of the orange, red, and yellow leaves falling. Nighttime in NitW is beautiful with bright blues amidst shadows. An example of how it looks is above. The ambience in this game is well executed, so is the weather system.

-The final reason is because of the spooky story. I mentioned earlier that there was something wrong in the town. I’m not going to reveal what the mystery is. I don’t believe in spoiling stories. I will say that this game proves that true friends will have your back even in the face of evil.

Go check this game out! I’ll have new posts about Batman: Gotham After Midnight next week. More games as well!

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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