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DC Showcase- Jonah Hex

DC Comics and Warner Brothers Animation have released several DC animated movies. With a few of the movies, DC will throw in an animated short with the movie as an extra feature. I’m going to talk about the short that came with Batman: Under The Red Hood. The short features wild west gunslinger Jonah Hex. Thomas Jane stars as the facially scarred cowboy.

The plot begins with a mysterious drifter coming to a western town. He enters the bar, demands a drink, and goes upstairs with one of the prostitutes. The drifter is played by Michael Rooker, who starred as Yondu in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. His voice…just doesn’t fit a cowboy character. Also, this short isn’t worth his time as the prostitute, Madame Lorraine, kills Rooker’s drifter character off immediately. The scene is to establish that Lorraine is a sneaky villain, who happens to be attractive. She’s a killer using her saloon to hide her true intentions. Lorraine is played by Linda Hamilton, who people may know from The Terminator franchise.

Lorraine with the drifter.

In the next scene, Jonah Hex rides into the same town as now it has become daytime. Hex strolls up to the bar where Lorraine operates. A punk kid shows up telling Hex that he could take Hex out in a duel. Hex lays the punk out by swinging the bottom of his rifle at him. Thomas Jane delivers his first lines here, which are brief. His voice is deep, going for a gravelly tone. It sounds similar to his voice when he played Frank Castle in The Punisher.


After getting rid of the punk, Hex walks into the bar with everyone’s eyes on him. He tells the bartender that he’s looking for a man named Red. Red happens to be the name of the drifter that Lorraine killed the night before. Hex pays a prostitute who tells him all about Lorraine, then the prostitute leaves town. Hex buys everyone in the bar a round, which catches the attention of Lorraine. Lorraine takes Hex upstairs to kill him, but it doesn’t work. Hex fights off her two henchmen along with her. After getting rid of the henchmen, Hex demands Lorraine to take him to Red’s dead body so he can claim the bounty. Lorraine takes him to a huge hole in the ground where she dumps her victims. Hex and Lorraine get to the bottom of the hole via ropes. Hex gets the dead body, escaping with a rope. He withdraws the other rope and abandons Lorraine in the dark hole to die.

This short is straightforward. It’s a simple, predictable plot. I did enjoy Lorraine as the antagonist. There isn’t enough screen time for her to truly flex her muscles as a villain. She seems like she could be formidable. I digged the animation along with the dark colors of the film. It gives the movie a gothic, eerie tone. I recommend hardcore DC fans to watch it.

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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