Jalapeno Black Reviews Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) (Part 2)

Occasionally, I get around to finishing things. I started this review September of last year. Today would be a good day to finish it. As I stated in the first part of my review, Terry finds out the horrible truth as to what happened to former Robin (Tim Drake). He was tortured by the Joker, then he kills the Joker after Joker attempts to kill Batman. After the Joker’s death, Tim Drake is able to regain his sanity thanks to Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Tim Drake never picks up the mantle of Robin ever again as Batman no longer wants to have a young sidekick after the events of that night. Tim goes on to become an expert in communications.

Image of Tim Drake as Joker Jr.

Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) decides to investigate into who is the Joker. Terry thinks that it could be Tim or that it could be Jordan Price. Jordan Price is the company manager for Wayne Enterprises. McGinnis shows his growth as a detective in this movie as he is able to discover that Price has been supplying the Jokerz gang with money and weapons. McGinnis has to save Price from the Jokerz gang as they have arrived at Price’s yacht to terminate him. McGinnis saves Price then turns him over to the police.

Batman makes a shocking discovery.

McGinnis tracks down the hideout of the Jokerz gang. He fights off the gang members, then finds Tim Drake working inside. Tim is working on a device that can control satellites such as a government defense satellite. McGinnis, as Batman, confronts Drake who relives that fateful day with the Joker. They have a struggle, then Drake transforms into the Joker. Yes, that’s right. Drake turns into him. Years ago, on that fateful night, Joker planted a microchip onto Drake that would let Joker take control of Drake’s body so Joker could continue to live on. The concept is far-fetched, but it makes sense after Joker’s explanation. The microchip also puts the Joker’s DNA inside of Tim as it turns Tim into Joker. Like I said far-fetched, but Batman Beyond is a science-fiction superhero cartoon. McGinnis is able to defeat Joker. After he defeats Joker, he turns Joker back into Tim Drake. Bruce visits Tim in the hospital to make amends. McGinnis vows to continue the Batman legacy.

Let me gather my final thoughts for this movie. I have to say that it’s one of the most entertaining Batman animated films. It was a shock to see Tim Drake transform into Joker. The mystery that is constructed until that discovery climax isn’t as entertaining. The filmmakers leave plenty of points to show that Drake is Joker. The movie shows Terry’s growth as Batman as an investigator as well as an crime-fighter. He pieces together that Drake is Joker. He completely dismantles the Jokerz Gang. Neo-Gotham is in good hands. This movie is worth watching for superhero fans.

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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