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Jalapeno Watches Spider-Man (2002) Again–Part 2

Scene 5 is Peter checking out his pecs in the mirror after he awakens from the incident the night before. After he finishes admiring himself, he heads to school happily. He sees Mary Jane, who’s his next-door-neighbor, getting yelled at by her dad, who’s a dick. Peter just can’t get the courage to speak to her. I mean, she is beautiful. Mary Jane and Peter met differently in the comics. Aunt May introduces MJ to Peter in the books while the movie goes a different route. They’re neighbors who never got to know each other. MJ is popular while Pete isn’t. Pete has a better family life while she doesn’t.

Scene 7 is Norman Osborn being awakened by Harry Osborn. Harry asks Norman what happened and Norman can’t remember jack shit. The drug has wiped his memory. An office assistant tells Norman that his scientist at the lab is dead. Apparently Norman killed his ass.

After we see that Norman lost his memory, we join Peter back at school who’s eating lunch. His powers are starting to slowly appear. He saves MJ from slipping on the floor and busting her ass. Then, his webbing causes him to send his lunch plate to Flash Thompson’s head. They fight in the hall later where Peter does a ridiculous backflip that is too unreal. Anyway, Peter wins! And still looks like a creep to everyone.

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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