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Jalapeno Watches Spider-Man (2002) Again–Part 1

Do you smell that folks? That is the ripe smell of nostalgia. Tonight…I revisit my childhood. Tonight…I watch the Spider-Man trilogy again. Even that cheesy third film of the trilogy. These posts will be in parts. Part 1 is the first 5 scenes of Spider-Man!

The beginning is the opening credits with amazing music by Danny Elfman! Damn! I love that score. It gets you excited for what’s about to unfold.

After the opening credits, we see Peter Parker chasing down the school bus. Tobey Maguire plays Peter Parker as a nerdy, lovable, and awkward teenagers who doesn’t have many friends. His crush, Mary Jane Watson, makes the asshole bus driver stop the cheese wagon for Pete. The bus stops at the location of the class field trip at Columbia University. Harry Osborn (James Franco) joins Peter at the trip after being dropped off by his father Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe). Norman clearly likes Peter as they’re both science fanatics.

Inside of Columbia’s science department, the class is getting a tour of a room where scientists are genetically engineering spiders. Peter tries to snap a few photos of the spiders, but Flash Thompson with his goons keep screwing up Peter’s shots. Peter manages to catch Mary Jane alone at a spider display. He summons up the courage to get her picture when he’s bitten by a spider that has been genetically modified. It makes Pete not feel so good for the night.

Meanwhile, that same night, Norman tests a drug that is supposed to give humans enhanced abilities. The drug drives him freaking nuts and he attacks his assistant. Willem Dafoe looks freaky in this scene. Also, he would be a good Joker just saying. Either way, in one night, two men transform their bodies. Peter does on accident (spider bite) and Norman does on purpose (drug testing). Each man ends up more stronger and quicker than before.

Part 2 is scenes 6-10! That’s next!

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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