Jalapeno Black Reviews What If? #1 (1977)

What if? That’s a question that has been asked numerous times throughout history. What if I went to college? What if they went to the Grand Canyon for vacation instead of the beach? Marvel used this question as a way of forming a series where readers would see their heroes in different scenarios.

Writer/editor Roy Thomas scripted the first issue in this interesting series. Dave Cockrum would do the pencils for this book. Thomas used Uatu, the Watcher, to narrate these stories of possible different events that could have happened in the Marvel universe. Uatu explored the idea of what the Fantastic Four would be like if Spider-Man had joined the team. This scenario was a callback to Amazing Spider-Man #1 where Spidey asked to join, but was denied. In this alternate universe, his acceptance to the group creates the Fantastic Five.

Spider-Man is a beneficial member to the team. The Human Torch and the Thing quip about Spidey a lot. They get mad at him, but can’t deny how good of a team member he is. Spidey starts to phase out Sue Storm in team missions. This saddens Sue as well as causes her to drift apart from Reed Richards. She decides to leave Reed for Namor, the Sub-Mariner. At the end of the issue, Spidey wonders if his inclusion to the group is what caused Sue to leave.

I was very pleased with this comic. Spidey is a perfect fit for the team though it creates a sad ending for the story. What If? delivers the excitement for its readers who want to see their favorite characters in new ways. This issue is spicy, which means that readers should pick it up. Also, the What If? animated series is coming to Disney+ so it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on the comic series.

By Jordan Lash

My name is Jordan Lash. I write about gaming and comics.

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